Man Who Once Dated Madonna Now Auctioning Off Her Underwear She Gave Him as a Gift

Peter Shue, who was in a relationship with the "Material Girl" in the 90s, called it "a business opportunity that I have to take advantage of."

Madonna’s underwear will now be auctioned off to the highest bidder after it was put up for sale by a man claiming to be her ex. 

Peter Shue says he dated Madonna in New York in the 1990s for about eight months around the time her song "Take a Bow" was a massive hit.

“It's a business opportunity that I have to take advantage of,” he told Inside Edition about the sale of her undies. 

Shue says Madonna sent him the undergarment in 1994 as a gift, along with a Polaroid photo of her new dog, with the words, "my new baby."

There was also a personal note which reads: “Hi baby. I'm sending you a package for love and luck ... [including] the underwear you requested."

Madonna then signed it, "Love, M." 

Things ultimately didn't work out between Shue and the "Material Girl."

He actually ended up serving 21 years in federal prison for drug dealing. When he was finally released in 2015, Shue assessed his life and his assets and realized he had a potentially valuable piece of property in Madonna’s panties. 

“The starting bid's gonna be $100,000 so they're gonna take it from there,” he said. 

A furious Madonna sued to stop the sale of the panties but later withdraw her objections.

“I can't give them to nobody," he explained as to why he is putting them on the market.  "And I can't wear 'em, I don't wear no panties so I figured I might as well sell 'em.”

The auction site says bidding starts on Jan. 3.