Man Wins Lottery Prize Twice After 2 'Lucky Feelings' Led Him to Buy Identical Tickets

Jeffrey Norman, 55, took home $200,000.

Got a lucky feeling? Better act on it.

This 55-year-old from Belleville, Michigan, doubled his winnings when he bought two Powerball tickets and won the grand prize, twice.

"I play regularly and have special numbers that are lucky for me," said Jeffrey Norman. "I'll play my numbers at a store whenever I have a lucky feeling. I had that lucky feeling twice on Wednesday."

Norman stepped into gas station and bought a $2 Powerball ticket with his lucky numbers.

Then, another lucky feeling led him to step in a deli and purchase another, identical ticket.

As luck would have it, both tickets yielded a grand prize. Norman collected his winnings of $200,000 last week.

Norman said he plans to use the money to invest in his retirement.

"It was an incredibly gratifying feeling to win," he said.