Manchester City Soccer Bus Attacked; Video Shows Flares, Bottles and Cans Being Hurled by Liverpool Fans

Police have asked fans for cellphone video of the attack on a Manchester City soccer bus in an effort to find suspects.

British police have appealed to the public for cellphone footage of an attack on a Manchester City soccer bus at the Champions League quarterfinal first leg Wednesday to help identify people who threw flares, bottles and cans as it approached Liverpool's stadium.

"We know many people were filming the events and we have made a dedicated email address available... so that footage can be reviewed to help find those responsible," said Merseyside Police Superintendent Paul White, according to The Guardian.

Meanwhile, Manuel Estiarte, a member of the Manchester City coaching staff, posted video from inside the team bus that shows objects hitting the windows and sides of the coach as it pulled onto the stadium grounds. 

"No words," Estiarte wrote. "Unacceptable."

European football's governing body has cited the Liverpool team with acts of damage and crowd disturbances.

Liverpool has pledged to "cooperate fully with the authorities to identify those responsible." The team also condemned the incident.

Liverpool won the match 3-0.