Man's Dying Wish Is for the Final 11 Dogs He Rescued to Be Adopted

The man isn't doing well and the 11 dogs are in care of volunteers.

Richard Ewers, 71, is currently in hospice care due to stomach cancer.

A Texas man’s dying wish is to find loving homes for his 11 dogs.

Richard Ewers, 71, is currently in hospice care due to stomach cancer and has been given just a week to live, but he wants to make sure his dogs are in good hands.

Ewers “adopted” about 40 stray dogs when some canines were left on his property and then had puppies.

He’d been feeding and caring for them ever since. With the help of rescues and volunteers from the local community, Ewers had been able to get most of them adopted but there are still 11 left.

Mary Oyler of Bexar County said she met Ewers one day when she spotted his dogs and got the chance to learn the story behind them.

She assisted Ewers in getting help for the animals, with vet visits and adoptions.

“You’ve got to love animals to do this type of stuff,” Oyler told “He clearly cared for them and loved them. The dogs listened to him and they had a bond.”

Oyler said volunteers are feeding and caring for the dogs in the meantime with the assistance of donations.

“Mr. Richard is not doing well. He doesn’t have much more to go,” Oyler said. “He’s aware that we’re working on it.”