Man's Tongue Gets Massively Swollen After Being Stung by Bee While Eating Burger

Kobe Freeman felt a sharp pain in his tongue after eating a burger. He went to the bathroom to look in the mirror and pulled out a stinger.

A Utah man got more than a mouthful when he chomped into a burger that left his tongue monstrously swollen. Kobe Freeman, 20, had just finished eating one when he went into the bathroom, noticing a sharp pain on his tongue.

"I was looking in the mirror, and there was a pointy thing coming out of my tongue. And I pulled it out and it was the stinger," Freeman told Inside Edition.

Turns out — it was a bee sting. Freeman said he didn't know if the bee was in the burger when he made it or flew in as he was taking a bite. 

The incident left him with a swollen tongue, but he’s now back to normal.