Many Frustrated Over Hard Time Securing COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment

A woman in her 80s claimed she waited two hours at Disneyland in California, which has since been turned into a mass vaccination site, before being turned away because she did not have an appointment.

There is growing frustration as millions of Americans attempt to get their COVID-19 vaccination.

A California woman in her 80s claims she waited two hours at Disneyland, which has now been turned into a mass vaccination site, but was turned away because she did not have an appointment.

Lines started forming around the amusement park at 5 a.m. opening day, and officials have asked that everyone planning to be vaccinated to make an appointment.

In Georgia, a woman claims to have called for a vaccination appointment 194 times before giving up.

Inside Edition’s Ann Mercogliano tried her own luck at dialing New York State’s vaccination hotline to no avail. “We’re sorry, due to high volume, we are temporarily unavailable to take your call,” an automated message said.

But a 26-year-old reporter with the New York Post found herself at the right place at the right time and received an injection. She said she was in a Brooklyn clinic for a coronavirus test and, while she acknowledges that she's not technically eligible for the vaccine yet, she was told there was one vaccine left for anyone who wanted it.

“There was no one there,” Hannah Frishberg said. “They were about to close the clinic for the day and either it was my arm or the garbage.”

Meanwhile, actor Bruce Willis is fessing up about photos of him in Rite Aid without a mask on. “It was an error in judgement,” he said. “Be safe out there, and let’s continue to mask up.”