As Mar-a-Lago Resort Opens, How to Make the President's Favorite Dessert That's Served There

Chef Cedric Barberet showed Inside Edition how to make the seven-layer chocolate cake.

President Trump is off to Asia for a state visit that includes trips to China, Japan and South Korea — but it means he'll be missing the opening weekend of the "winter White House" of Mar-a-Lago. 

The Florida resort, Trump’s private club with 500 wealthy members, is reopening for the season.

"It is like being in The Great Gatsby," Jose Lambiet, a gossip columnist in Palm Beach, told Inside Edition. "If Jay Gatsby had a place today, somewhere near the water, it would be Mar-a-Lago."

The club charges an initiation fee of $200,000, which is double what it was before Trump was inaugurated in January. Then there's the yearly fee of $14,000 and you’re obligated to spend a few thousand more on food.

But Lambiet says the food may not be worth it.

"Between you and me, the food is not that good," he said. "I have had dinner there plenty of times."  

The main draw of Mar-a-Lago may actually be the president himself, even if you disagree with his political ideology.

"Who does not want to be having dinner next to the president of the United States?" said club member Jeff Green, a Democrat, told Inside Edition. "I mean, I think it goes without saying. I don’t support him politically and I am a member of the club. If you agree with his policies or don’t, it is a thrill to have the president of the United States here at Palm Beach."

When the president is in town, the traffic in the area can be a nightmare, even with a newly installed helipad.

The new addition allows for the president to fly right onto the property, but every time he leaves, the entire area is shut down, forcing many people to stay in their homes when Trump is around. 

President Trump's favorite dessert is still on the menu, a chocolate cake. 

Cedric Barberet is Mar-a-Lago’s former pastry chef. He showed Inside Edition how to make the seven-layer chocolate cake that the president made famous at Bistro Barberet in Lancaster, Pa.

He also shared the recipe with Inside Edition. 

Flourless chocolate sponge

Egg white 337gr
Granulated sugar 225gr
Egg yolk 225gr
10x powder sugar 112gr
cacao powder extra brute 112gr
Bring egg white to medium peak meringue with the sugar, when meringue reach stiff point add egg yolk very slowly on 2nd speed.
Add dry and fold in
Scale 900gr per sheet
Bake at 200c for 9 min

Guayaquil mousse (yield 25 ring)

Milk 250gr
Cream 250gr
Sugar 50gr
Yolk 100gr
Whip cream 500gr
64% chococlate Guayaquil 350gr
gelatin gold leaf 10gr
Boil milk, cream 
Mix yolk and sugar to light color and temper with the boiled liquid cook to 85c,pour over chocolate with already bloomed gelatin
Folding whip cream medium peak and fill.

Vanilla  punch 

250 GR water
125 GR sugar
Boil all and chilled before use
Dark mirror glaze 
Water 187.5gr
Granulated sugar 375gr
Glucose 375gr
Condensed milk 250gr
Gelatin mass 300gr
Guayaquil chocolate 64% 375gr
Gelatin mass= 100 gr powder gelatin 200 bloom for 600 gr water
Cook water, sugar and glucose to 103c
Pour over condensed milk, gelatin mass and chocolate and bur mix
Do not bring air in
Rest overnight before use in cooler
Melt to 40c
And use
You can add back powder colorant to intensify the darkness