Marine Biologists Discover Enormous Sunfish Caught in Fishing Net in the Mediterranean Sea

The massive sunfish measured over ten feet long and nine feet wide.

Marine biologists in the Mediterranean pulled up an enormous sunfish that got caught in a tuna-fishing net. 

It measured over ten feet long and nine feet wide.

They tried to weigh it, but it was too heavy for their equipment and almost broke their 1,000-kilo scale.

As expected, researchers were excited with their find. They say it’s unusual for this time of year, considering the migratory patterns of the sunfish. And they were thrilled to get a look at its distinct features like its prehistoric-looking head and scalloped back fin. 

This fish was only out of water for a few minutes so scientists could take measurements and DNA samples, then it was returned to the water.

Sunfish are considered a vulnerable species and are not eaten in Europe, but if they were, this fish could probably feed a whole wedding. 

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