Norwegian Seafood Company Spills Chlorine, Killing 96,000 Fish

Norway from view of a boat
Facebook/ Grieg Seafood

A chlorine spill at a Grieg Seafood plant resulted in the death of almost 100,000 fish, and is currently under investigation.

Almost 4,000 gallons of chlorine were leaked into a Norweigan fjord by an international seafood company. 

While the Grieg Seafood incident did not injure any employees, it killed approximately 96,000 fish.

"This is very sad," Stine Torheim, manager of the Alta, Norway, harvesting plant said in their released statement.

Usage of chlorine to disinfect the processing water at the seafood plant is a standard practice in Norway.

Police have said that they are trying to completely understand the incident, especially considering the chlorine has begun to flow into the Atlantic Ocean, according to the release.

The full environmental impact is also uncertain, but a company associated with the Norwegian Institute for Water Research will conduct an independent environmental assessment, according to Grieg Seafood.

The company said it "cooperates fully with all authorities, and awaits their investigation into the course of events that led to the leak." 

The company provides approximately 25,000 tons of salmon to the U.S. and Asia each year.

The estimated value of the fish that were killed is $3.4 million, according to Intrafish, a Norweigan media company that covers the seafood industry.

"Our focus is now first and foremost on cleaning up. We will get all facts about this incident on the table, to ensure that it will not happen again." said Torheim.

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