Marine Corps Memorial Updated to Commemorate Soldiers Who Died in Iraq and Afghanistan

Nearly 1,500 names have been added.

A Marine Corps War Memorial in Virginia has been updated to include the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The casualties were added Tuesday to the Arlington National Cemetery' Iwo Jima Memorial, which honors the sacrifices of the U.S. Marines. 

Michael D Photos

Gen. Robert Neller, a commandant with the U.S. Marine Corps, said the new addition adds 1,481 Marines who sacrificed their lives in those conflicts.

“Because they are no longer with us in the flesh, we must take a moment to thank their families, their sons, their daughters, their spouses, their mothers, their fathers, cousins for what they did and what they represent,” Neller said during a ceremony to honor the additions.

The general said he thought it would be fitting for the ceremony to be held close to Thanksgiving, as Americans should be grateful for the service members who have died.

“I would ask you to keep those who are represented by this monument, and those who are forward deployed, and all their families, and all the men and women of our nation who serve in the U.S. military — keep them in your thoughts and your prayers.”