Marine Dad Meets 2-Month-Old Baby for First Time After Being Away at Basic Training

It was an emotional moment for everyone.

A special moment unfolded as a Marine dad met his baby boy for the first time after returning from boot camp.

Gavin Harding, of Maysville, Ky., was extremely emotional as he was introduced to his 2-month-old baby boy, William, who was born in September.

“I lost it,” Harding said of the meeting. “I started tearing up. It made me want to push harder. He was the most perfect baby I have ever seen in my life.”

Harding left for training when his fiancé, Melissa Harding, was seven months pregnant. 

Harding, 18, said the two months without his son was worth every second of pain when he finally got to meet him.

The dad will spend a few days at home with the boy and his fiancée, who he will marry Thursday.

Melissa Harding said the meeting made everything feel perfect.
“It was the day that we felt complete,” Melissa Harding said.