Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee Denies Rumors of Elder Abuse in New Video

In a video released exclusively to Inside Edition, Lee says those posting to social media on his behalf are "frauds."
In a video released exclusively to Inside Edition, Lee says those posting to social media on his behalf are "frauds." (Inside Edition)

Is Stan Lee, the man behind some of the most iconic characters in history, in need of a real life superhero?

Earlier this week, reports circulated that the elderly multi-millionaire is being held against his will in his Hollywood mansion by handlers with less than sincere intentions.

In an exclusive video sent to Inside Edition, Lee, the Marvel legend who most recently made a cameo in "Black Panther," is firing back over reports that he is a victim of elder abuse.

"My life is pretty well organized the way I want it and I hope it stays that way," Lee insisted. "Anything you see there with my name under it is a fraud, a fake. It’s just not me. I don’t complain on Facebook. I don’t ask for pity or any help on Facebook."

Lee, who is 95 and worth about $50 million, looks to be in good shape in the video.

He even signed off in the exclusive video with his signature catchphrase: "Excelsior!"

Since the death of his wife Joan last year, reports have been spread that he is being held captive at his home in the celebrity enclave of West Hollywood by a collection of real-life villains.

But in his video, he denounces those reports as false.  

In another video released earlier this week, Lee called the rumors, "totally incorrect, inaccurate, misleading, insulting, and I don’t know how many more words I can say about it."

Lee was reacting to a recent investigation by The Hollywood Reporter that alleged his fortune was being drained by hangers-on and his own 67-year-old daughter, J.C. Lee.

But Lee insisted, "I want to say as definitively as I can; my relationship with my daughter J.C. is wonderful."

In fact, Lee seems to be doing great. "Black Panther," is his latest hit, which has earned $1.3 billion and counting. Plus, the new and highly anticipated "Avengers: Infinity War" will debut in theaters later this month.


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