Maryland Mom Anonymously Provides Lunches for Her Community

Credit: Nic Kipke
Credit: Nic Kipke

She puts out 30 lunches a day for anyone who may need one.

A kind mother in Maryland is looking out for her community by anonymously providing bagged lunches each morning for anyone to take amid mass business and school closures across the state due to the coronavirus pandemic

The woman, who has not been identified, wrote that she’d be providing the lunches each day around 11 a.m. “for anyone who needs it,” according to a sign set up in front of the lunches, which are housed on table in a small, white tent on a major road.

Nic Kipke, a state delegate who represents Anne Arundel County, said he was driving by the table one day and snapped a photo. He said there are about 30 lunches out there each morning.

“There is a sense that a lot of people aren’t working and a lot of people are worried about paying their bills,” Kipke told “I have spoken with people who have taken the lunch and they are very appreciative. Some are unable to work because their jobs have been shut down.”

Kipke said he personally knows a single mom who works as a waitress, who has been going there every day. The bags have sandwiches, fruits and fruit snacks.

Maryland is currently under a “shelter-in-place” lockdown and all nonessential businesses are closed. Many public schools in the state, which are also closed through at least April 24, have been giving out free lunches to students as well. 

When Kipke initially spotted the stand he pulled over and wanted to take a picture, and then he shared it to Facebook. The giving gesture has garnered a lot of attention online. 

“I pulled over and took a photo because I felt it was so sweet,” Kipke said. “People want to help right now but you don’t know how to help. We are being encouraged to avoid interacting with each other to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, so this mom thought of a really smart way to make a difference in people’s lives and I wanted to share that with my community.”