Massachusetts Trick-or-Treater Finds Needles Hidden Inside Halloween Candy: Cops

A sewing needle was found in some Halloween candy in Massachusetts.
A sewing needle was found in some Halloween candy in Massachusetts. (Marshfield Police Department)

Tiny sewing needles were found embedded in Twizzlers a child received while trick-or-treating.

A treat became a cruel trick in Massachusetts after some parents found needles inside their children’s candy.

The Marshfield Police Department are warning families to inspect their Halloween haul after at least two packs of Twizzlers Twists were found with sewing needles poked through the wrapper and hidden in the candy.

“The candy was received last night in the Brant Rock area,” police said in a statement. “Advised to throw away Twizzlers and inspect all other candy.”  

Carol Keating, grandmother to the 3-year-old boy who was given the tainted candy, told WFXT, “To think that somebody could put a needle inside a candy is a disgrace.”

She said her daughter had texted her with the news the morning after Halloween.

“She said she had needles in her Twizzlers, little sewing needles,” the boy’s grandfather. Jim Keating. said. “I’m still in shock.”

The 3-year-old was given two packs of tainted Twizzlers and is the son of a Boston police officer, according to WFXT.

The manufacturer of Twizzlers, the Hersey Co., said it inspects all its products with metal detectors before they are sold for consumption, but warned parents that it’s important to pay attention to the candy in case it was tampered with.

“Unfortunately, product tampering is a serious issue this time of year, which is why it is so important for parents to be vigilant and examine their children’s candy,” they said in a statement.

Meanwhile, another family in the area said their preteen also found a sewing needle in their Halloween stash, WFXT reported.