Maternity Photo Shoot Takes Bizarre Turn as 'Alien' Xenomorph Bursts Through New Mom's Belly

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A festive autumn maternity photo shoot turned into a horror movie scene as a Xenomorph from “Alien” was seen bursting out of the Canadian woman’s baby bump.

Todd and Nicole Cameron of British Columbia, Canada, came up with this freakishly hilarious idea for a photo shoot inspired by their love of Halloween and their desire to do something a little different.

The maternity series begins innocently enough, with photos of the couple posing in a local pumpkin patch. But the next sequence of photos shows Nicole doubled over in pain before a baby Xenomorph erupts from her pregnant belly.

Fear takes over their faces at first, but as the Xenomorph attempts to get away, Todd chases after it, and the series ends with sweet photos of the new parents and the unconventional baby.

“There’s horror, there’s comedy, but the underlying message is we just have got to love our kids, no matter how they turn out,” Todd told “And if it did come out that way, I would love it just the same.”

He explained that he actually met his wife on Halloween five years ago. “She was a zombie and I was Ace Ventura. She went all out, she had blood and everything.”

When they got pregnant with their first baby together, Nicole made it clear she wasn’t interested in doing the traditional maternity photos, but when Todd found the Xenomorph figure at a garage sale over the summer, he spent the next several weeks nudging his wife to do something funny, ahead of the October due date.

With the help of their friend and photographer Li Carter and approval from the pumpkin patch, they recreated the iconic scene from "Alien," the 1979 sci-fi classic.

“I have to give [Nicole] hero props because she absolutely took it like a champ,” Todd said. “She was lying in a cold field in October, in her bare feet and nightgown, with rain coming down, covered in blood.”

But the effort was all worth it. Even with their real baby on the way, Todd and Nicole said they bonded with the baby Xenomorph so much that they’ve named him Burston and created an Instagram account for their alien spawn.


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