Couple Pranks Family With Fake Gender Reveal Cake: 'We Thought It Was Hilarious'

Josh and Mimi Anderson captured the funny moment on tape.

Two California parents-to-be pulled an epic prank on their family with a phony gender reveal.

Josh, 34, and Mimi Anderson, 35, of Orange County, said they wanted to add some fun to the moment.

“We are both the jokesters of our families and wanted to have some fun," Josh Anderson said. “There was a lot of anticipation to find out the gender from our mothers.”

The couple said they bought a gender reveal cake and then baked a homemade "prank" cake.

In a video shared of the moment, family members are seen looking on in anticipation as the couple cuts the cake, but the inside is yellow, leaving everyone confused.

The couple said they spent a lot of time planning the prank, and the reactions of their family members were exactly what they had hoped for.

Afterward, the couple brought out the real cake, which revealed that they are expecting a girl.

"We thought it was hilarious," Anderson said. "It was a successful prank. It also built up the anticipation of finding out the gender for all of us. By the time the 'real' cake came out everyone was beyond eager for the results."