Gender Reveal Baseball Hits Grandfather in the Face, Covering Him in Blue Powder

“He was just so excited even though his forehead was bleeding a little,” the father-to-be told

When this California couple set out to discover the gender of their baby, the excitement left the soon-to-be grandfather blue in the face.

A wayward baseball, containing blue powder to reveal Brittany and Max McCauley would be expecting a boy, accidentally ended up hitting the grandfather-to-be, Scott McCauley, in the face, raining blue powder all over his head.

Luckily, Scott took it in stride.

"He was just so excited even though his forehead was bleeding a little," Max joked in an interview with

Brittany and Max, both 27, explained they had gathered everyone for a birthday party when they decided they would be doing their gender reveal on the same day.

Brittany, a former softball player, would toss the ball to Max, a former baseball player, who would hit it to free the colored powder inside the ball.

“She threw one tennis ball to me before the party started that morning,” Max explained.

Brittany added, “It was perfect.”

At the last minute, Max’s dad, Scott, jumped behind him, and declared he would be the catcher.

“I think that gave me a false sense of security, that I didn’t have to swing if it was a bad pitch,” Max explained. "And, I think from his perspective, he probably thought there was no chance that I wasn’t going to swing, so that’s why his hands didn’t come up to catch the ball."

Brittany said she also froze under the pressure of everyone cheering her on, admitting, “I think I just kind of spaced out.”

But, they explained when everyone saw the blue powder, everyone forgot the ball had hit the wrong target, including Scott.

"You could tell by his reaction he is stoked," Max explained. "I don't know how it happened the way it did, but we couldn’t have planned it better."

The family now has Scott’s blue powder-covered sunglasses on display in their home, as a memento of the day.