Couple Cracks Eggs on Their Heads in Gender Reveal, but a Family Member Had Other Ideas

A family member had a sticky surprise for them afterward.

A New Hampshire couple thought they could find out the gender of their baby by smashing eggs on their heads, but another family member had an unexpected surprise in store for them.

After Nakita Sanders and her boyfriend Michael Shipman took turns cracking several pink and blue hard-boiled eggs on their foreheads, the couple discovered a runny yolk inside an egg Shipman cracked on his forehead.

The egg was pink, revealing that the couple would have a baby girl, or did it?

As the couple rejoiced in the discovery, Shipman’s sister held up a sign that read: “Just kiddin’, it’s a boy.”

“It definitely made everything even more exciting,” Sanders explained to “His sister Ashley was the only one who knew what gender the baby was.”

The pair wanted to recreate Jimmy Fallon’s “Egg Roulette”-inspired reveal by another couple that had gone viral, where a half-dozen eggs were dyed pink and the other half were blue.

Then, 11 of the eggs were hard-boiled, while the one raw egg — revealed by cracking the eggs on their foreheads — would uncover the gender of the baby.

She explained they wanted it to be especially unique since they suffered two miscarriages in a six-month period before this pregnancy.

“We thought it would make a special moment,” Sanders explained. “Even more special to find out with everyone.”