Firefighter and Wife Use Fire Hose for Baby's Gender Reveal

When Erica and Justin Tubbs found out they would soon welcome their first child, the Decatur couple decided they wanted to learn the sex of the baby in a fun and unique way.

A Georgia mom-to-be and her firefighter husband, with the help of his company, pulled out all the stops for an unforgettable gender reveal.

When Erica and Justin Tubbs found out they would welcome their first child this summer, the Decatur couple decided they wanted to learn the sex of the baby in a fun and unique way.

“It also happened to be not too far down the road that we were doing some training here at the station on foam,” Justin, a member of the City of Decatur Fire and Rescue, told

With the help of his fellow firefighters, Justin arranged to incorporate their training into the couple's event.

“When I told the guys about it, they jumped right on board and were happy to do it,” he said. “We utilized the training, we didn't spend any money on it, able to buy my own buckets, and I added about on another five minutes onto our training to be able to do this for us.”

Entrusted with a sealed envelope that would reveal the baby’s sex, Justin’s captain made sure the correct dye was used. 

“She was off that day so she came out just for that. She hopped out of her car and was like ‘where's the envelope? Where is it? Give it to me,’” Erica said, laughing. “She was his chief at another station prior to being at Decatur, and she's been kind of like a mom at the station for him. She was actually the first person to find out that we were pregnant, and so we really wanted her to be involved.”

Footage of the joyous moment showed Erica and Justin handling the hose as they prepared to see what color the water would turn: Blue or pink?

“They're great guys and girls, and we wouldn't have done it with anybody else, any other crew, because they really are... they've got each other’s back here," Erica said. "It’s very nice."

The crowd cheered as the water turned pink, and after putting the hose down, the expectant parents were greeted with hugs and high fives.

The news that they would soon welcome a baby girl into the mix was surprising for the couple, who said they were almost sure it would be a boy. 

“He’s got all boys in his family. His grandfather and grandfather's siblings are boys, his dad is one of two boys, he is one of two boys, my sister has three boys, so we really thought that it was just in the family that were we're gonna have boys,” Erica laughed. 

The couple is excited about welcoming and raising a girl, noting they know they have a huge support system to rely on.

“Whether they were team boy or team girl, and I had a couple of them go, you know, ‘Hey, you know, uncle over here,’" Erica said. "Everybody at this department is gonna watch her grow up just like we do, so we're really happy that they, that he really has this bond with the people that he works with. It's a family."

Justin said he was grateful to share their experience of learning the sex of their baby with his department.

“We’ll be able to look back the rest of our lives on something like this, show our baby girl when she comes and gets older, show her the love that everybody has for her,” he said.