Bill Murray Helps Couple With Gender Reveal During Golf Tournament

It was a pleasant surprise for the unsuspecting couple.

"Caddyshack" star Bill Murray stepped in to help a couple with their gender reveal during a Florida golf tournament.

Expectant parents Jacqueline and Michael Davis were at the Murray Bros. Caddyshack Golf Tournament in St. Augustine and figured they'd take the opportunity to announce the gender of their incoming child. 

They hoped Murray would be able to hit a ball that would emit a colored powder corresponding to the gender, but organizers informed them that would be unlikely.

“We sort of said, 'Fine, we will do it ourselves,'" Michael Davis told

Little did the couple know, their friend John Resig, the co-founder of the tournament, had secretly arranged for Murray to help with the surprise.

"I was shocked," Davis said. "This was everything we jokingly hoped for. And we actually somehow got it to come together.”

The couple thought they were having a girl, but in a moment captured on video, blue smoke filled the air as Murray struck the ball. 

"It’s a boy!" the parents to be could be heard screaming, which Murray confirmed.

In another moment, Davis screams, "Bill Murray just told me I am having a boy!"