Matt Araiza Accuser Says Gang Rape at College Party Left Her 'Covered in Blood' And Bruises

Matt Araiza was fired from the Buffalo Bills after the allegations came to light. In a civil suit, a woman identified as Jane Doe accuses Araiza and two other San Diego State University football players of raping her at a party, allegations the men deny.

A woman says she was left bloodied and bruised after being violently raped by Buffalo Bills punter Matt Araiza, along with two other football players, during a college party, when the men attended San Diego State University. 

The woman, identified only as Jane Doe in a civil suit against her alleged rapists, says she was a 17-year-old high school senior when she went to a Halloween party with some friends at a house off campus.

When she arrived, she was already intoxicated, the accuser says. According to her complaint, Araiza saw that she was drunk and handed her another drink anyway.

She alleges he brought her to a secluded spot in the backyard where they had sex, then led her inside the house and took her to a bedroom.

“I was pushed onto the bed face first and started going in and out of consciousness. It gets really hazy. Basically, several guys were taking turns assaulting me,” Doe said. 

She says the assault went on for an hour and a half. She was left bruised and bleeding, and the piercings on her nose, belly button and ears were ripped out.

“My costume was covered in blood. I had bruises all over my legs, my arms. It was very aggressive. It was really, really violent,” Doe said.

The next day, she says she went to the police and an investigation was launched. But 10 months later, no charges have been filed.

“She feels let down by the police. She feels let down by the university,” said her attorney, Anna Yum, who filed a civil suit accusing Araiza and his former teammates, Zavier Leonard and Nowlin Ewaliko, of gang rape. 

The three men deny the allegations.

The Buffalo Bills had high hopes for Araiza, when he was drafted in April after a stellar college career, where he earned the nickname, “The Punt God.”

But on Sunday, he was fired.

“It’s the best move for everyone to move on from Matt,” Bills general manager Brandon Beane said.

“I’ve been trying to get them to be held accountable. I've been trying to get them to face the necessary consequences. Him losing his job, it felt like a win,” Doe said.

The Bills were reportedly made aware of the accusations against Araiza last month, only after he was drafted. 

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