Meat Sweats: Vegan Takes Neighbors to Court Over BBQ Smells

Various meat cooking on an open grill.
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Australia's Supreme Court has thrown out the complaint.

An Australian vegan stoked a fire with her neighbors in Perth when she took them to court over the smells emitting from their barbecues due to the meat and fish they were cooking, according to reports.

The legal beef started last year when vegan Cilla Carden claimed her neighbors' grilling ruined her quality of life, according to Australia’s 9News.

“All I can smell is fish,” Carden told 9News. “I can’t enjoy my backyard. I can’t go out there.”

Her initial complaint was thrown out of court earlier in the year; however, she later appealed the issue in Australia’s Supreme Court. In July, the Supreme Court also tossed out her complaint, saying that the matter must be solved between the two parties on their own. 

Carden and her neighbors were told by the Supreme Court to “direct their considerable energy toward the resolution of their differences as best they can.”

Carden told 9News she is not giving up without a fight. 

“It’s been devastating. It’s been turmoil,” Carden said. “It’s been unrest. I haven’t been able to sleep.”