Meet Little Curtis, the Pet Monkey Who Seems to Have It All

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Jay Kennedy is ready for children. Since he doesn’t have a girlfriend or a wife at this point, he said his pet monkey, Little Curtis, is the next best thing. 

And it shows. According to Kennedy, caring for the 4-month-old vervet monkey is similar to taking care of a baby. His wildly popular YouTube channel, Every Wednesday, shows Kennedy bathing, pampering (literally) and feeding Little Curtis, as well as giving him a bottle. 

Little Curtis even has his own room. 

“I have always really wanted to be a parent so it was just fortunately worked out that I kind of get a similar experience so I'm really lucky,” Kennedy told The Breakdown, a new digital show from

Every Wednesday even features a number of “firsts” for Little Curtis, including his first trip to Five Guys, his first time bowling and his first visit to an arcade. 

Kennedy said he didn’t know it would become this popular. He said it took off in only three months.

“Well, it started just grabbing my phone and I just wanted, for my own personal archives or personal keepsakes and memories, I just wanted footage because I knew he'll grow up really fast. Before then, I wanted to have as much footage of him growing up and getting to be a part of that. So that's how it all started and then I think one video, I was like, 'That's pretty funny. I'll just post it and see,'" he said.

Kennedy works as a DJ and a model. He is also writing a book about the laws of social media. 

You can keep up with all of Little Curtis’ adventures here. 


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