Meet the New Jersey Woman Who Gave Up a 6-Figure Salary to Raise Special Needs Goats

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Leanne Lauricella doesn't mind being known as the crazy goat lady. 

Lauricella traded in a cushy six-figure job as a corporate events planner to raise special needs goats at her sanctuary in New Jersey. At first, she was terrified, but she soon found Instagram fame with her distinctive handle: Goats of Anarchy.

"I wanted to show my friends and family how silly they were and how smart they are, and so I started an Instagram account as a joke called 'Goats of Anarchy' and before you knew it I had a farm full of special needs goats," she told Inside Edition. 

Her sanctuary, also named Goats of Anarchy, currently has 85 goats in house with varying needs. 

Every morning, Lauricella and her team start by dressing the goats, attaching prosthetics or arranging wheelchairs for those who need them. 

"It takes a couple of hours to get everyone dressed," Lauricella said. 

This time of year is particularly busy. 

"Every January or February, we start getting goats that were born out in the snow ... the babies are wet, so if it's below freezing and [the mother] doesn't get them cleaned off in time, frostbite sets in really quickly and they lose their limbs."

But thanks to Lauricella, the babies who might have otherwise died get to live out life at the sanctuary.

Check out the video above to learn more. If you wish to donate to Goats of Anarchy, visit here


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