Meet the Parrot That Sparked Emergency Call After Squawking ‘Help Me’ to UPS Driver

The owner said the bird just wants to be loved.

A deliveryman experienced something strange on his usual route as he heard a parrot squawking “help me,” while he was dropping off a package at an Oregon home Tuesday. 

Diego the bird was yelling “help me” out to a UPS man. The driver texted his wife about it and she called 911, prompting police to respond to the home.

“Hi, my husband is a delivery driver," the wife told the 911 dispatcher. "He just called me saying that one of the doors he just knocked on, there was somebody saying ‘help me’ on the inside.”

The police then sent an officer to the home, but no one was home. 

The parrot is owned by Susan Baird, who says she's not surprised her beloved pet yelled for help while she was gone.

"When he's alone, he will often yell help me because he doesn't like to be alone," Baird told Inside Edition. 

She says the 41-year-old bird craves human companionship and loves being cuddled like a baby.

She says she’s not upset her winged chatterbox cried wolf. 

Baird says Diego just wants some attention.

“He is very people-oriented," she said. "He likes to have people around. He is very affectionate.” 

Following the incident, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office tweeted about Diego.