Meet the Girl Who Dressed Up as Inside Edition's Deborah Norville for Halloween

The little girl is one of Inside Edition's biggest fans.

For Halloween, 8-year-old Dani Stidham didn’t dress up as a comic book character or ghost or ghoul. She went as one of her heroes: Inside Edition Anchor Deborah Norville

Dani's parents posted an image of her in her Halloween costume over the weekend and it caught Deborah's attention. She had to meet her mini-me.

So the two met over a video call, and Dani made it clear she is one of Inside Edition's biggest fans.

"I watch you every single day and I like how you talk about the show," Dani told Deborah.

Parents Starla and Eric Stidham said they weren't surprised by Dani's choice of costume.

"I thought it would be a perfect fit for her because she does, every night at 7:30 when it airs at our home, she's got to have Inside Edition on,” her mom said. 

In her costume, the little girl had a mic flag with the Inside Edition logo, which she said she made on her own. 

As Dani and Deborah talked, they realized they have a lot in common, like being one of four sisters and having the same taste in Halloween candy — Reese’s Pieces. 

Dani also wants to be a newscaster when she grows up, and by the looks of it, she's well on her way.