Meet a Woman Who Loves Copying Kate Middleton's Looks

Danielle Wellman has spent thousands of dollars buying outfits inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge.

This woman is a royal copycat.

Dr. Danielle Wellman, a psychiatrist from Minnesota, has spent thousands of dollars buying outfits that look like they're right out of Kate Middleton's closet. She says the Duchess of Cambridge is her style inspiration.

Wellman has collected more than 100 outfits over the years. She sports the same beautiful color, bold prints, blazers and wedges that Kate is spotted in.

"Her style is classic, it's simple," Wellman told Inside Edition. "Kate Middleton is my fashion icon."

But Wellman isn't the only woman mimicking the future queen of England. 

Kate Urbanksa, of Berkshire, takes notes from Kate too. She shows off all her looks on her Instagram page, @GreatRepliKate. Just as Wellman does, Urbanksa royally rocks dresses and shoes inspired by the duchess.