Meghan Markle Laughs After Woman Tells Her 'You're a Fat Lady!' During Visit to Animal Charity

"I'll take it!" the Duchess of Sussex replied, cradling her burgeoning bump.

Meghan Markle couldn't help but laugh when a woman told her she's looking plump as she visited an animal charity Wednesday. 

The woman, who was not identified, gestured toward the Duchess of Sussex's belly as she shook the royal's hand. "You're a fat lady!" she said, to laughter from the room at large.

"I'll take it!" Meghan replied, cradling her burgeoning bump. She is due in the spring and is reportedly six months along.

Meghan was visiting Mayhew, a rescue organization that is also her new patronage. She snuggled up with rescue dogs, petting some and holding others as she met with employees and volunteers to learn more about their work. 

Meghan is particularly passionate about rescuing dogs. Before marrying Prince Harry, she adopted two pups, Guy and Bogart, from shelters. While Bogart was too old to move the United Kingdom with Meghan, Guy crossed the pond with his noble owner.

Harry and Meghan have also adopted their own Labrador puppy, whose name has not yet been revealed.