Meghan Markle Undergoes Security Training, 2 Months Before Royal Wedding

Markle made her first appearance with Queen Elizabeth Monday.

Meghan Markle reportedly underwent two days of training by the elite British Special Forces ahead of her May wedding to Prince Harry.

Security expert Lou Palumbo explained to Inside Edition what her training entailed. 

"They are preparing her for her new world," he said. "Basically, she is going to potently be subjected to kidnapping, possibly in an environment where shots might be fired — she might be the focal point."

She also learned what to do if she is kidnapped, subjected to gunfire and intensely interrogated. 

"They are basically trying to program her to not overreach and not to panic," Palumbo said. "They want to increase her survival chances."

Markle is learning that to be a princess, you've got to prepare for the best, and the worst.

Given the couple's high-profile relationship, it's been estimated that security for the wedding could top the $33 million spent when Prince William and Duchess Catherine were married in 2011. 

On Monday, the American princess-to-be arrived at Westminster Abbey for her first appearance with Queen Elizabeth to mark Commonwealth Day Service. 

Inside Westminster Abbey, Markle was seated in the second row near the queen and just behind her father-in-law-to-be, Prince Charles.

Markle, who was recently baptized into the Church of England, was seen singing along during the service.

As she left the historic church, she chatted with several kids.