Meghan Markle's Father Says She Won't Text Him Back, Asks the Queen for Help

Tom Markle wants his daughter, Meghan Markle, to respond to his texts.
Tom Markle appeared on British television. Good Morning Britain

Thomas and Megan Markle haven't spoken in months, the father says.

Meghan Markle's estranged father asked Queen Elizabeth for help in mending his relationship with his daughter.

Thomas Markle appeared on British morning television Monday, asking for Meghan to text him and appealing to her new grandmother-in-law to intervene. "I would be grateful for anything she can do," Markle told interviewer Piers Morgan. "I would think she would want to resolve any family problems," he said, referring to the queen. 

Meghan reportedly cut off contact with her dad after he reneged on his pledge to walk her down the aisle. He says they haven't spoken since, though he had sent her repeated texts. 

The 74-year-old also said he hopes that Meghan and Prince Harry's baby, which is due in April, will help soften the rift between them. "I think she will make a great mum and maybe things will soften a bit and we will get back in contact."

He dismissed recent reports about Meghan's behavior, saying, "She has always been very controlling person and that is part of her nature. But she has never been rude. She has always been in charge."

He said he doesn't know why he has been rebuffed. "I've been ghosted. I'm not sure why it's happening. I love my daughter very much. I wish she would reach out, send me a text, anything. There has to be a place for me, I'm her father."

From his California home, Markle told his daughter, "I love you very much. I would like to hear from you. Whatever difficulties we've had I hope we can work through them. We're family."