Why Meghan Markle Can't Stop Cradling Her Baby Bump

Internet trolls viciously attacked the Duchess of Sussex for holding her bump tightly, but a doctor says it shows Meghan's mothering instinct.

Social media is buzzing with snide remarks about why Meghan Markle seems fixated on letting the world know she's pregnant.

She kept a tight grip on her belly during the British Fashion Awards Monday night, cradling her baby bump as she walked onstage. Even when she posed with friends, she held onto the bump. 

Internet trolls are going after her. “We know you are pregnant. You can stop holding onto the bump with both hands now. It won't fall off,” read one remark. 

“Meghan Markle needs to desperately stop holding her baby bump because it's not as if everyone doesn't already know,” said another.

“She's such an actress,” added a third person. 

There is a legitimate medical reason why she's holding her tummy — it's called cradling. Medical experts say that cradling the stomach actually can soothe the baby during hectic situations. 

And Meghan isn't alone. Beyoncé cradled her baby bump at the MTV Music Awards in 2011. In the past, Khloe Kardashian and Jessica Simpson were photographed on red carpets cradling their baby bumps. 

The Duchess of Sussex is due in the spring.