Meghan Markle's First Kiss, Joshua Silverstein, Recalls Moment They Locked Lips

Silverstein appears as a beatboxer on "The Late Late Show With James Corden."

While many look forward to Megan Markle’s big wedding in May, one man is recalling a different moment they shared together — Markle’s first kiss.

In a long-forgotten interview with Larry King, the "Suits" actress dished about a boy she kissed when she was 13 years old in summer camp.

“Joshua Silverstein,” Markle said in the 2013 interview. “It was in L.A., it wasn’t in a Catholic school. Joshua Silverstein, I was 13, it was like a summer camp and I kissed him."

Today, Silverstein is a beatboxer on "The Late, Late Show with James Corden."

Speaking to Inside Edition, Silverstein said he remembers the exact moment that Markle refers to in the King interview.

"We met at a theater camp in about ’93, ’94 — we were theater nerds," Silverstein said. "She was a sweet, sweet kid. It was theater so we were all awkward in our own ways but she was a typical teenaged girl."

Soon after meeting, they became swept up in a teen romance.

"She kissed me," he admitted. "She worked up the courage and just made a move and I was probably surprised by it and I didn’t know it was going to happen but it happened. I don’t remember what the kiss felt like. I was 13."

Silverstein even added, "It wasn’t my first kiss."

Their young love didn’t last, and the pair split up shortly after summer camp ended.

While Silverstein — now a happily married father-of-two — didn’t get an invite to the wedding, he said he has high hopes for Markle in her new role as a royal.

"I think that because Meghan has a great head on her shoulders and she’s smart, she won’t squander the opportunity to do some good," he said. "I think she’ll use her duchess duties, or the power she gets from all this, to make a difference."


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