Melania Trump Had Expletive-Laden Reaction to Being Snubbed by Vogue, Secret Recording Reveals

The audio was secretly taped in 2018 by Melania's friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who wrote a scathing book about the first lady. President Trump last week expressed frustration that his wife had not been on the cover of any fashion magazines.

A secretly recorded tape reveals Melania Trump's true feelings about being snubbed by every major fashion magazine during her time as first lady. “Vogue said like, oh, we want to do a profile. Profile? F*** you, profile. I don't need no profile. Yeah, what I need another profile?” the recording said. “It might be a cover. I'm like, might be a cover? I don't give a f*** about Vogue and any magazine."

The audio was secretly taped in 2018 by Melania's friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who went on to write a scathing book, “Melania & Me.”

"You're not the September cover?” Wolkoff asked Melania in the tape.

“Are you kidding me? No way,” Melania said.

“Could you imagine if you were? That would have been—” Wolkoff said.

“No way. Yeah, but they would never do it,” Melania said.

Wolkoff released the tape after President Trump expressed frustration last week over the fact that his wife has not been featured on the cover of any of the world's top fashion magazines, despite her years as a fashion model.

In comparison, Michelle Obama was on more than a dozen magazine covers during her time as first lady. Wolkoff spoke about the recordings on CNN.

"And I think the importance of sharing this audio was to share with everyone that it’s really Donald who is more concerned that Melania is not on the covers of these magazines. Because Melania was very realistic and upfront about the fact that the fashion-entertainment industry was not supporting the Trumps from the very beginning,” Wolkoff said.

"I'm doing so much more important stuff. It's you know, that's why, it's like, do I care? I don't,” the recording of Melania continued.

The first lady's office has not commented on this particular recording but has previously claimed Wolkoff was breaking a non-disclosure agreement while trying to sell her book.