Melania Trump Says She Loves Her Husband, Dismisses Reports of His Infidelity in Revealing Interview

The first lady said her primary focus is her capacity as a mother and as the first lady.

No questions were off limits as ABC News' Tom Llamas interviewed Melania Trump in Africa.

Llamas told Inside Edition that the only way he could do the interview would be to take a no-holds-barred approach, adding "to her credit, she said no preconditions."

In the interview, Llamas asked the first lady if the Stormy Daniels controversy has put a strain on her marriage. 

“It is not a focus of mine," she replied. "I am a mother and the first lady. I have much more important things to do." 

When asked if she loves her husband, she said, "Yes, we are fine. Yes."

The first lady took some hits for wearing a pith helmet during her solo trip to Africa because some see it as a symbol of colonialism. Throughout the interview with Llamas, the headgear was in the frame. 

Llamas might have been surprised she selected him for the solo interview since he was once a target of President Trump. During the 2016 campaign, the then-Republican candidate called him "a sleaze." 

He explained how he landed the exclusive. 

"My pitch to her was very simple. It was, ‘Mrs. Trump, I don’t think America knows who you are, I want to give you the opportunity to tell who you are.’ I think we got there. I think it is the most revealing interview she has ever done," he said. 

Llamas' interview with Melania Trump airs Friday night at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.