Melania Trump Seen Taking a Spa Day in Florida Ahead of President's State of the Union Address

It has been reported that the first lady felt "blindsided" by reports of her husband's alleged affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

More details have emerged about first lady Melania Trump's mysterious 24-hour stay in Palm Beach over the weekend. 

The first lady was "furious" at her husband and she felt "blindsided" by the Stormy Daniels scandal when it broke nearly three weeks ago, The New York Times reported.

She apparently escaped to Mar-a-Lago over the weekend for a spa getaway.

“Onlookers at the resort were directed by the Secret Service to move their vehicles to ensure a wide berth for Mrs. Trump, who needed a secure path from her residence to the spa," the Times reported.

The spa is described on the Mar-a-Lago website as "a tranquil haven offering an ideal relief from the every day."

“This could indicate that things are worse than we might suspect behind closed doors that she is angry, that she is figuring out how to deal with this,” CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett told Inside Edition. 

The whirlwind jaunt aboard a government jet is also coming under scrutiny after it was found to have cost taxpayers about $64,600.

“This is how the first lady must travel for security reasons, yet at the same time it begs the question and we are allowed to ask — these are military planes — what was she doing?" Bennett added. "What was so important that she had to go down there for such a short period of time?". 

Melania Trump will take her place in the first lady's box Tuesday night at her husband's State of the Union address. 
“The two typically ride over from the White House together to Capitol Hill,” Bennett said. “So she is gonna have to realize that people will be watching.” 

Meanwhile, more is also being learned more about that paper cover on the president's water glass during his interview with Piers Morgan last week. 

The president, it turns out, is so fearful of being poisoned that he actually has an aide specifically tasked with making sure his water is pure, according to Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan, who interviewed Trump last week.

“She gets a glass and pours a glass of the presidential water in and then she produces a presidential seal napkin and a presidential seal cover, she then placed them [over the water],” Morgan said Tuesday.