Melania Trump Takes Sanctuary at Mar-a-Lago as Stormy Daniels Rumors Dominate News Cycle

The first lady has no events on her schedule for the weekend.

As the Stormy Daniels scandal swirls, Melania Trump is hiding out at the family's Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla. 

“Melania Trump Goes M.I.A.,” blared a headline on The Daily Beast.

An op-ed that appeared in The New York Times Thursday called her flight to Florida an act of "quiet rebellion."

"This is a first lady who is well aware about the perception about her, but she doesn't really care," CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett said. 

Melania's surprise trip was only revealed after Bennett spotted the plane, which is known as Executive One Foxtrot, on the runway at Palm Beach International Airport Thursday afternoon.  

Bennett said that she is an "aviation geek" and saw a call sign of a plane on Twitter that looked to be a government-issued aircraft leading her to look into what it was. 

President Trump's sister, Elizabeth, is hosting a charity ball at Mar-a-Lago Friday night, but Melania is not expected to attend. 

"Despite what is going on in her husband's world, despite what is happening in the West Wing, she is doing her thing and she is becoming independent while doing it," Bennett said.