Memorial Day Weekend 2018: Beach Hacks to Make Sure Your Getaway Goes Swimmingly

A lifestyle expert shared six hacks with Inside Edition that will be a big help.

Original Airdate: July 24, 2015

As the summer kicks off this weekend, a lifestyle expert is sharing a few hacks with Inside Edition to make your day at the beach a breeze. 

Erika Katz gave six tips on how to utilize everyday items as you stretch out on the sand

1) Uses a shoe organizer to hold food or items you may need, like sunscreen, your wallet, keys or your phone. You can hang it on a car seat when driving to and from the beach. 

2) Freezer bags are versatile and can be used to take home wet bathing suits. 

3) Instead of a beach blanket, bring a fitted sheet to avoid unwanted sand.

“A fitted sheet is great to bring to the beach because you can bring up the sides and put your cooler in one corner, your bag [in another]," Katz said. "You also have this nice open space, so if you want to eat lunch, you can do that with no sand. It keeps everything sand-free." 

4) Put your valuables in a diaper to keep them safe and secure. 

"You are at the beach and you want to go in the ocean — what do you do with your valuables? Put them in a diaper. Put your phone, keys, bracelet, or whatever, and wrap it up. It looks like a stinky, dirty diaper. Nobody is touching this," Katz said. 

5) Use a laundry basket to transport your kids' sandy toys.

"You are just going to go into the ocean, get some water in here," Katz said. "The holes in here act as a strainer and you can get everything clean in one shot."

6) Get the sand off your feet with the help of baby power as you leave the beach.

"Rub it on your feet and it gets the sand right off," she told Inside Edition.