Message in a Bottle From Ireland Reaches Russia 40 Years After Being Sent Off to Sea

Message in a Bottle
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Experts believe that either the currents carried it to Russia or it was picked up by a boat and dumped at port, according to Irish Times.

Sting and The Police famously sang that they “hope that someone gets my message in a bottle,” from their 1979 hit but in the same amount of time that song has been around, a bottle with a note inside has floated to Russia from Ireland.

Forty years ago, a message in a bottle was thrown from the coast of Galway, Ireland, and recently it washed up 4,000km away in Kola Bay, an estuary north of the port city of Murmansk, Russia, Irish Central reported.

Inside the bottle was a yellow postcard with the address of University College Oceanography Department, as well as a request to return the bottle with details of where and when it was found, Irish Central reported.

The bottle was believed to have been purposefully chucked off the coast of the country as part of a study of the island's tides, the Mirror reported.

A man in Russia sent an email to NUI Galway recently after finding the bottle in a fjord near Murmansk, Irish Times reported.

In the time the bottle has been out to sea, so much has changed in Ireland and in the world. University College is now NUI Galway and Dr. Martin White, an oceanographer at NUI Galway, said it was "quite amazing" that the bottle managed to travel so far, Irish Times reported.

“It is amazing to think it has gotten that far. I fully believe it made its way there by itself,” he told The Irish Times. “It can certainly reach there by the currents. It is likely 30 or 40 years since it was deployed. I think it is quite amazing, if it did go with the currents, that it survived intact, without leaking in the intervening years.”

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