Archaeologists Discover Foundation of 5700-Year-Old House in Ireland

County Cork, Ireland
Getty Images

In a historic case of this old house, archaeologists in County Cork, Ireland, have recently uncovered the foundations of a 5,700-year-old home. They also uncovered evidence of Iron Age smelting and Bronze Age burial sites as they excavated the area, the Irish Examiner reported.

The foundations were unearthed over the course of eight separate excavations that were performed after the county council began two road realignment projects on the N73 road, which is between the towns of Mallow and Mitchelstown and is close to the villages of Shanballymore and Kildorrery, the Examiner reported. 

The foundation of the home, believed to have been from 3,700 BC, is believed to have been from some of the first farmers to ever inhabit the area. The excavations also uncovered ancient tools and pottery from the same period.

Archaeologists and historians believe that the discoveries of tools and pottery were to be given as gifts to the Gods of the underworld.


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