Military Dad Surprises 7-Year-Old Son at Traffic Stop

Jase, who just entered the first grade at a Missouri elementary school, thought his dad Airman Clint Thomas was still deployed in Afghanistan.

A 7-year-old Missouri boy who thought his Air Force father was still deployed in Afghanistan couldn’t believe his eyes when his dad surprised him during a traffic stop. Airman Clint Thomas, who also works with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, surprised young Jase by pulling over his family.

“You missed me?” Thomas could be heard asking his son as he jumped into his arms sobbing during the sweet reunion that was caught on camera by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.

Thomas had just returned home from a four-month deployment to Bagram.

In order to surprise his family, Thomas set up a traffic stop, during which a uniformed deputy pulled over his wife Lindsay while she was in the car with their two young children, Jase and their 2-year-old daughter Jordyn.

When Jase realized what was happening, he climbed out of the window to embrace his father, not wanting to let go.