Military Dad Surprises His Dancing Family at Philadelphia Phillies Game

Air Force Maj. Robert Rowton has been serving overseas for the last six months.

Sisters Bronwyn, Abigail and Alena Rowton were participating in a goofy dance contest during a recent Philadelphia Phillies baseball game Wednesday night when they were given the shock of a lifetime. 

The three girls were dancing alongside the Phillie Phanatic on the third base line when the music suddenly cuts out.  Announcer Dan Baker then declared that someone else was to join them on the field.

Suddenly, their military dad, Air Force Maj. Robert Rowton, ran onto the field, surprising his wife, Jill Rowton, and the three kids.

Rowton has been serving overseas for the last six months, and devised the homecoming plan with the Phillies.

When the three sisters realized what was happening, they began sobbing and ran to their dad along with Jill Rowton. The family embraced as the crowd and the ballplayers were seen applauding behind them.