Military Dad Surprises Wife After She Gives Birth to Their Twin Daughters

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A military dad surprised his wife days after she gave birth to their twin daughters

Cydney Cooper wasn’t expecting her Army husband, Staff Sgt. Skyler Cooper, to return home to Kansas until the springtime after he'd been deployed to Kuwait for more a year. He was able to surprise her by coming home much sooner than expected.

Cydney gave birth prematurely on Jan. 24 and after 12 days in the NICU, Skyler showed up to surprise his wife and meet his baby girls for the first time.

“I wasn’t expecting to see him until the end of the spring, actually,” Cydney said. 

But when she saw her husband walk into the hospital room, she said, “It was just relief. I was just like, ‘Oh thank God.’”

A video of the precious moment captured the mom’s shock. The couple hugged as Cydney cradled their newborn in her hands.

"1 year of crazy, 1000s of miles, 1 solo pregnancy and delivery, 48392 Skype calls, some superheros, a few plane rides, 12 NICU days, tons of help from family and friends, and many tears later.... A soldier came home," Cydney wrote on Facebook after the surprise.

She said before Skyler arrived she wasn’t quite sure how she was going to do it with two toddler boys at home and two newborns in the NICU.

“Just bouncing back and forth between the two of them when it’s alone is a little difficult,” Cydney said. 

The mom said she’s now ecstatic to husband back and have him helping her. The twins are doing great and also growing steadily. 

“I’m back for good, so I don’t have to go back anywhere for a while,” Skyler said.


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