Milkman Shows Off His Epic Dance Moooves

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A milkman may not have to keep his day job with the dance moves he’s delivering.

Paddy Leonard was first spotted dancing ballet while delivering milk to the Scotland home of Laura Paul and her partner, Michael Flucker. They were watching the video from their doorbell camera back in June when they noticed.

"It was my partner Michael that was watching it, and he was just like, 'Have you seen what this milkman is doing on the garden?'" Paul told

Paul loved his moves so much that she left him a note asking, “Can you show us more?”

A few weeks passed and then Leonard busted out a "Saturday Night Fever" impression. He's since added "Gangnam Style," the Floss, and the Moonwalk to his repertoire. 

The couple said with each dance, Leonard ups the ante. Paul owns her own dance studio so she especially gets a kick out of his performances.

"When he first started, they were quite poor, but I had been leaving him notes and asking him to do some more and every time I kind of upped the challenge a wee bit more,” Paul said. 

Leonard always delivers milk while the couple is asleep, so they’ve never actually met in person, but she hopes to come face to face with him soon.

"The kids at the dance school are obviously loving all his moves,” Leonard said. “They want him to be in the dance show next year, so I need to see if we can convince him to do that."


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