Minnesota Mom Who Already Has Twins Is Now Expecting Another Set

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A Minnesota mother of twins is pregnant with twins again.

Kelsey Husler, 24, conceived both sets of twins naturally, an unlikely occurrence that is approximately a one in 7,000,000 chance.

Husler gave birth to Braxton and Auvianna, a son and daughter who are fraternal twins, three years ago. In February, she learned she was carrying another set of fraternal twins, this time girls. She plans to name them Gracelyn Kay and Kennadie Faith.

She is due in September.

"Everyone has the same response when they hear that I'm expecting twins again," Husler said. "Their eyes pop out of their heads. They freak out."

When she told her mother, the soon-to-be grandmother of four replied, "Well, I guess I always wanted a big family."

Twins do not run her family, Husler said. "Not even our older relatives can recall any twins in the family," she said.

She has opted to have her labor induced on Sept. 19, a day that she says "can't come soon enough."


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