Couple Who Struggled to Conceive for 5 Years Now Expecting Quintuplets

The family of four will become a family of nine in April.

A Utah couple who tried for years to add another baby to their family was overjoyed to learn they’d soon welcome five more children to their brood.

After taking fertility medication, 33-year-old Jamie Scott discovered she was pregnant and had high hormone levels, leading her and her husband Skyler to believe they might welcome more than one baby.

An ultrasound confirmed that notion, and then some, as the St. George woman was found to be carrying five children — the chances of which are one in 55 million.

"When we had the ultrasound, I was expecting to see one or two little sacs and there were four in the first 20 minutes. Then we found the fifth,” Jamie told SWNS.  “I just cried. I was in awe. We had tried for quite some time so it was amazing that I even was pregnant.

“I asked, ‘Are they all alive?’ and so they went through each one hearing their heartbeats and taking their measurements and I breathed a sigh of relief.”

Until the family of four swells to nine this spring, Jamie must eat 4,000 calories a day, as doctors have advised she gain about 100 pounds.

“I’ve gained 20 pounds so far, but it’s not enough so I’ve got to eat a lot, fast,” she said. “I’m craving healthy food like cucumbers but they have zero calories so I have to beef it up with high fat things like McDonald’s and ice cream.”

Jamie has also found it difficult to walk and is constantly staving off a hunger that comes along with the need to feed five mouths.

“It’s also difficult to sleep because my stomach is growing so fast and it’s pretty painful,” she said. “When one of the babies moves, they all move — it’s like a party in there.”

But Jamie noted she was grateful because this is the first pregnancy in which she hasn’t suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, which causes extreme morning sickness and weight loss.

“I’m just really looking forward to bringing home five healthy, chubby babies,” Jamie told SWNS.

Jamie and Skyler’s sons, 12-year-old Shayden and 7-year-old Landon, are also preparing to welcome their five siblings into the mix, offering their parents words of encouragement.

“When we found out the news we told our sons and their reaction was, ‘That’s so cool,' and then my 12-year-old said, ‘Good luck,’” Jamie said.

The family’s community has also rallied around them, as neighbors and friends have been collecting and donating baby clothes and other items.

Now, the Scotts are readying for the welcome additions.

“I’m a person who has lots of energy because I have ADHD, so my brain is perfect for this,” Skyler said. “I know we are going to lose a lot of sleep but being a dad is the most rewarding adventure of my life. It’s so amazing that I get to reset my brain and go through every stage of being a child again with them, their first Christmas, their first trip to Disneyland.

“We want to show these five babies how beautiful and fun the world is."

The couple is staying near a hospital in Arizona, where an expert in multiple births will deliver the babies by C-section in late April.