6-Month-Old Quintuplets Dazzle in Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Sweetlilpics by Ashley
Sweetlilpics by Ashley

They were conceived through intrauterine insemination.

These Kentucky quintuplets are ready for the close-up in their Christmas photo shoot as they celebrate their first holiday season. 

Zoey Hart, Asher Blaze, Dakota Faith, Gavin Lane and Hollyn Grace Driskell, who are 6 months old, were a pleasant surprise for their parents, Briana and Jordan Driskell.

Sweetlilpics by Ashley

The couple had trouble conceiving while undergoing fertility treatment for two years, so they decided to try intrauterine insemination (IUI) in January of last year. After four unsuccessful attempts four months in a row, they went on a six-month break.

“It was hard to go through,” Briana Driskell said. 

But all that waiting paid off when they found out in October, after yet another round, that they were pregnant — with five babies.

“That was not expected. We ended up getting a baby for every time we tried,” Driskell said. “Our fertility doctor tried to get us to terminate pregnancy on selection reduction. That was really hard to hear all of that. We never even considered doing that — that wasn’t an option.”

The babies were born at just 28 weeks in May, weighing less than three pounds each.

Sweetlilpics by Ashley

“We are very, very blessed and couldn’t even imagine our lives without them,” Driskell said. “It’s crazy chaotic, but amazing. I go through so many emotions all day long every day.”

Driskell said when she would receive Christmas cards from friends and family in the past with children on them, she held on to hope that she would one day be able to send out her own. 

Her wish came true this year.

The family has started a GoFundMe to help with expenses of raising the five babies.