What's at the Top of Your Kids' Christmas Lists? Here Are the Season's Most Popular Toys

Here's what you need to know to outdo Santa Claus this holiday season.

Just what are Santa's elves building up at the North Pole? 

Without the help of St. Nick, it's not always easy to find out which new toys and gadgets are at the top of a youngster's Christmas lists. Ahead of the holiday season, InsideEdition.com visited the TTPM 2017 Holiday Showcase to find the season's hottest toys.

From cars to robots to music machines, here are six items and gizmos your kids can't wait to receive.

Star Wars Hero Droid BB-8. The unmistakable sidekick featured in Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set win the hearts of the most tech savvy kids. The toy, which mimics the motions and sounds of the BB-8 in the film, is being dubbed the most high-tech droid on the market. "He has the most personality," Spin Master's Project Manager Rylie Klomp told InsideEdition.com. "He will follow you, talks to you. It's just like having your best friend in your own home." $230.

Fingerlings. Move over sock puppets — and meet the season's hottest, and cutest, pint-sized collectible Fingerlings from WowWee. These plastic monkeys will wrap themselves around a finger and respond to movement and sound, making up to 40 noises.  "They're interactive," said WowWee representative Alexa August. "They respond to touch, motion, and sound, so when you pet them, they'll coo." $15.

Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage. Toy race cars are a classic among the most adventurous girls and boys, and the Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage is one spot even Santa Claus will want to park his sleigh. "Here's a garage that holds over 100 hot wheels, have tons of track, tons of game," TTPM (Toys, Tots, Pets & More) CEO Jim Silver told InsideEdition.com. "You have a giant gorilla that knocks cars off as the cars go up to the garage." Plus, for even the neatest of parents, the toy also doubles as storage for all those pesky little pieces. $200.

Batbot Xtreme. Gotham City has never felt safer in the plastic arms of this robot-turned-tank. The interactive device, standing at more than two feet tall, shoots darts, has a voice changer and even has a hidden headquarters that houses a miniature Batman figurine. Looks like Rudolph and the rest of Santa's reindeer won't be the only ones soaring the night skies. $110

Nerf Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rally. For the kids with a need for speed, these miniature foam cars are going to have even the boldest daredevils double-checking their seat belts. The cars are fired from a motorized Nerf gun and can overcome any obstacle or ramp. $50.

DropMix. Rocking around the Christmas tree will have a whole different meaning, thanks to your young DJ. From the team that brought you Rock Band, the aspiring musician can play cards to lay down tracks and comes with more than 60 cards, playing songs ranging from country to hip hop to rock. $100.