Packing Tips for Your Thanksgiving Trip

Thanksgiving Travel Hacks
Inside Edition

Follow these tips to pack and travel efficiently.

As Thanksgiving travel is upon us, Inside Edition has tips to make packing for your trip much easier. 

Lifestyle expert and author of "Coach Parenting," Erika Katz, told Inside Edition that the simple act of putting socks into your shoes will save space in your luggage. 

“That will hold the form of the shoes, and then we don't want to get the dirty bottoms of the shoes all over the clothes so we're gonna take shower caps and put them on the bottom,” she added. 

Katz says that if your clothes are wrinkly when you take them out of the suitcase, hang them in the bathroom and turn the shower on as hot as it will go. After a few moments, the clothes are wrinkle-free. 

She also says that the best way to pack charging cords is to put them into an old eyeglass case, keeping them organized and in one spot. 

If you're going somewhere warm, she advises travelers to pack a swimsuit in a Ziploc bag.

“On your last day, if your bathing suits are wet, you have a handy Ziploc and it doesn't get everything else wet,” she said.  

She's even got ideas for packing makeup, like putting foundation into a contact lens case.

"That way, you don't have to carry a large glass bottle," she said.

She also has a clever tactic to pack necklaces. 

If you have a thin necklace, put it through a straw so it doesn’t tangle in your luggage. 

Also, did you know there's a legal way to get water through an airport TSA checkpoint?

“If you freeze a bottle of water the night before you travel, you can get it through TSA, as long as it's frozen solid,” she claims. 

However, if that frozen water is even partially melted or slushy, it will not pass inspection.