OB-GYN Delivers Patient's Twins Just Hours After She Gives Birth to Her Own Baby

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An OB-GYN rushed to deliver her patient's twins, shortly after she gave birth to her own baby.

Hilary Conway, an OB-GYN at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic in Washington state, said there’s nothing more important to her than to see her patients through to their delivery.

“I want to deliver all my patients,” she told InsideEdition.com. “This was a patient I connected to on a lot of levels.”

Her plan went awry when her patient, Kate Moss, texted her to announce she was in labor with her twins, just as Conway had given birth to her second daughter, Verna Pearson, and was resting in her hospital room.

“I was sad,” Conway said. “I knew at that point I wouldn’t be able to deliver her. In our last visit, we both expressed sadness that I wouldn’t be there and she came to accept it like I had come to accept it.”

But when Moss was admitted into the room next to Conway, the OB-GYN said she knew it would be easy for her to help out.

With her partner making sure she didn’t get tired out, Conway successfully delivered her patient’s twins despite still officially being on bed rest from giving birth to her own baby.

"I got a lot of support — the nurses watched my baby while I was doing the delivery and my partner came to support me in case I had to be called away," Conway said. "The timing was perfect."


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