Mom-to-Be Completes Last Final of College Semester From Delivery Room

”I didn't need any distractions," Nayzia Thomas said.

A college student in Kansas City was determined to finish her semester on time and on top, even if that meant powering through her last exam while giving birth to her first child.

Nayzia Thomas, 19, knew that once her son arrived, he would be her first and most important priority.

So, the sophomore at Johnson County Community College threw herself into her studies in the weeks before his birth, she told

I was feeling I needed everything done because once he got here that was going to be my only focus,” she told ”I didn't need any distractions.”

That included her final psychology exam, which was due at the end of the week of Dec. 11.

My professor was very considerate about working with me, but she was impressed with my determination to finish,” Thomas said. “I told her I was determined to get it into her because I didn't want that [incomplete] on my grades.”

Thomas was so determined, in fact, that she completed the final while sitting in her hospital bed preparing for labor. Her mother snapped a photo of the soon-to-be mother hard at work on her paper while also hard at work in labor.

“My mom took this pic & it’s the perfect explanation of my life,” Thomas said on Twitter of the photo. “Yes I’m about to have a baby, but final (season) ain’t over yet.”

She turned in her paper about 12 hours before she gave birth on Dec. 12 at 1:30 p.m. to healthy baby boy, Anthony Johnson.

“Although I was in pain, I felt a sense of pride and relief to be finished with this fall semester!” Thomas said.

Thomas experienced major blood loss and her body went into shock post-delivery, but she has since recovered.

“It was very scary, but his father was right there to take over when I went unconscious. We are blessed!” she posted on Twitter. “AND I'm finishing the semester w/ a 3.5 GPA!”